5 Daily Self Love Tips For Single Moms

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When you’re a parent on your own, it can be tough. One minute everything is going great and then all of a sudden bam! You’re pulling every last hair out of that head again because parenting has been such an emotional rollercoaster ride for weeks or even months at a time while trying to keep up appearances in front of friends/family who think they know what’s best but never experienced anything remotely close themselves.

Single moms are in a tough spot. They have to not only take care of their children but also themselves! It can be hard when you forget that mama needs some attention too. I know this because I have been there as a single mom of two girls.

Before I started even thinking of dating I had to heal from the traumas of my past of being a domestic abuse survivor. I had to learn how to pour into myself and some days that can be tough with mom guilt. Here are 5 daily tips you can use to fill your cup mama!

Self Care

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It is actually important to teach your kids that it is ok to put yourself first! You’re a mom on the go all the time and it’s easy to burn out, but there are ways you can add in a little self-care every day!

Some ways I try to is by reading something inspirational or writing in my journal about how thankful I am for even the littlest things in my life. Gratitude does wonder for the way we feel and sets our mood for the day. Wake up a few minutes early to begin your day with a little self-care and gratitude!

Learn The Power Of No

It’s important to set healthy boundaries and learn how not to be taken advantage of.

“Boundaries are there for your protection, so don’t let anyone walk over them or treat you poorly.”

Maragaret Paul

When you’re not happy, set boundaries and say no. Boundaries are important to keep in mind for your own mental health. Learning to say no is one of the most important skills you can have or teach your kids. It teaches us how to set healthy boundaries, keep our lives organized and focus on what’s really worth doing (and not over-scheduled or doing things we really don’t want to do).

Prioritize Your Health

The single most important thing to do in order to not only survive but thrive as a woman is eating healthy, exercising, and (trying) to get enough sleep. As moms, we need to stop feeling guilty about taking naps. No, the dishes do not have to get done right now!

I know, I know… easier said than done, right? How can I prioritize my health when some days the only thing I have time for is to stop at the quickest fast-food drive-through? The first step is meal planning so the chaos of grocery shopping and what are you going to eat is no longer an issue. We have to remember that we are setting the standards that our kids look at for how to behave as an adult.

Create a Support System

Being vulnerable and opening up to friends and family is hard. Especially when you are the one that has to take care of everything for your kids. Reaching out to the people who love you is important, and opening up to the hard challenges you face as being a single mom.

Finding support in other single moms or dads is so important. I wouldn’t have made it through without the support of other single moms. Seek them out now before your problems pile up even higher than they already are. Building upon this network of supportive relationships will make life easier and a little less lonely knowing you aren’t going through life alone.

Be Patient With Yourself

You might be surprised to learn how much you like yourself. Have some self-compassion, take the time for yourself and set new goals. This may be a good time to take some personal inventory of your life and think about what is important.

What are you working towards? Do any goals or dreams need new inspiration in order for them not only to grow but also to become more fulfilling than ever? You are worth it. You can do this! One day at a time, slowly start to love yourself again.

As a single mom myself, I know that there are days when you don’t feel like the best version of yourself. So for all those moms out there feeling low on confidence and self-esteem, here are your 5 Daily Self Love Tips For Single Moms! We hope these will help to bring some focus back into your day and remind you how amazing you really are. If any of this resonates with you or if you would like more tips on building more personal relationship intimacy check out Basic 2 Boss!


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