How To Make Extra Money Working From Home

How To Make Extra Money Working From Home

Creating a business on the internet that can produce a part-time or even full-time income is becoming increasingly easier thanks to the advancements of technology; which make it almost possible to run a business even from your cell phone.

On top of this, your business will be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! That means that even while you sleep, you have the potential to make extra money.

One year ago, I had no idea any of this was possible, or how easy it was to truly get started until I learned about Network Marketing.

Network Marketing, also known as multi-level marketing and direct selling, is quickly becoming a very popular online way to make a side income and potentially a full-time income working from home. Network Marketing, is simply a business model where a person is invited to become a distributor for a company and market their products or services. Instead of the company paying advertising and marketing agencies, they pay regular people to promote their products and services for them. This person essentially has a ‘franchise’ under the company.

There are some people who have negative beliefs about Network Marketing, and some people even consider it to be a scam. And to be completely honest, I used to think the same thing until I met a few successful people who were doing it and actually explained how the business works and revealed how slaving away for 40 years in corporate America is truly the scam!

First, let’s take a look at some of the numbers in this industry. In 2016, globally, Network Marketing became a $193 billion-dollar-a-year industry, which makes it one of the largest in the world. The industry is filled with companies from practically every country that produce products and services from vitamins to weight loss to travel to insurance; you can literally purchase almost anything through it.

There are currently over 20 million people who participate in Network Marketing worldwide, many of them coming from the United States. In fact, it is estimated that every 10 seconds, someone in the United States joins a Network Marketing company. It has also been estimated that 20% of the millionaires in the United States have built the majority of their net worth through Network Marketing. It is also estimated that in the United States alone, more than 50% of households will be involved in some type of Network Marketing.

There are many benefits to starting a Network Marketing, especially when compared with starting a traditional business. You get to enjoy many of the same benefits that traditional business owners enjoy but without all of the risks. You have flexibility, and can work part-time after work or on weekends; while in traditional businesses you need to work 50+ hours a week at a minimum.

Starting a Network Marketing business is very affordable, less than $500 to get started with relatively low overhead. Traditional businesses cost tens of thousands of dollars to start and thousands of dollars a month to maintain.

When starting a traditional business; you need to think of a business to open, you need to make or buy products or services to sell, you need to hire employees, you need to handle accounting, marketing, customer service as well as dozens of other things. Through Net-work Marketing, all you need to do is focus on marketing the products or services that the company you choose to participate in has already created and developed.

Another benefit of Network Marketing is residual income. What this means, is that you get paid over and over again for doing a job right the first time. In multi-level marketing, distributors receive bonus compensation for successfully inviting someone to participate in the opportunity. Doing this also creates leverage, meaning the ability to get paid based upon other people’s efforts; while this is one reason for criticism, any business owner experiences this same type of leverage which is why they have employees.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Network Marketing is the personal growth that you go through and the relationships that you build. When joining a Network Marketing company, you are joining a team environment that is focused on empowering their members to grow themselves, improve their lives, develop relationships and finally make money.

There are also some disadvantages to Network Marketing, the first is that it takes work; it is called netWORK marketing for a reason; as a distributor, you are not paid a base salary, so your payment is 100% commission based. You also need to be an outgoing person, meaning that you are not shy and timid when it comes to meeting and talking to new people; since you will be paid for marketing these products and services through ‘word-of mouth’ you will need to talk to people about the companies products and services and ask for people to make a purchase, which is very uncomfortable for some people.

Network Marketing is not perfect, and the biggest disadvantage is that there is a negative connotation to Network Marketing; as some people refer to them as pyramid schemes, scams, and get-rich-quick schemes. The cause of this is that some people have had a bad experience with Network Marketing and because of this they believe that all Network Marketing is bad. Some people have said that they were promised a way where they could make a lot of money with little to no work, and they would be paid for the rest of their lives, but this is not the case. As I covered in the disadvantages, Network Marketing takes work in order to succeed, but the possibility is there; Network Marketing was not the fault, the person going around telling the lies was at fault.

Regardless of what people think about this type of business model, it continues to grow and provide hundreds of millions of people around the world with a viable opportunity to create an income online as well as meaningful products and services people need and care about.

With Network Marketing you can essentially build a team of thousands of people and get paid a small percentage of their productivity and this could be a result of you only bringing on a dozen or two partners personally. You see, you also get paid when other people in your team bring on their own partners, therefore your time is leveraged through as many people in your team that are active in the business. Not to mention that the vast majority of your income in Network Marketing would come from customer acquisition and not ‘recruiting’ others since most good companies have highly consumable products that have real value in the marketplace.

The leverage aspect of Network Marketing is truly incredible.

Over the past several years, many of today’s thought leaders and successful investors, and business owners have come out in support of Network Marketing. Some of the key ones are:

“Network marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

“What’s beautiful about network marketing is you get all the benefits of being a business owner, without all the headaches, and without the same level of risk. And so I think network marketing is amazing!” ~ Tony Robbins

“The future of network marketing is unlimited. There’s no end in sight. It will to continue to grow, because better people are getting into it. They are raising the entire standard of MLM to the point where soon, it will be one of the most respected business methods in the world.” – Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker

And the list goes on and on and on.

If you are interested in joining Network Marketing, there are several things that you should look out for, if you don’t want to have a bad experience.

The first is that you should sample products and find a product that you can enjoy and become passionate about; this will make it easier for you to promote. Next, find a company that has a good reputation and one that you can believe in. There are dozens of amazing companies that operate around the world, that have a great history and a great marketing system that you can plug into.

Next, find a mentor to bring you into the business. There is nothing wrong with joining a friend that has recently started, but make sure that the leader of the organization is ethical, will provide you with support and training, and will be able to lead you as you progress into the company.

Finally, if you join Network Marketing; don’t half-ass it. Give it a good chance, and put your full effort into your part-time work hours; that could be the difference between making an extra $1,000 a month and quitting in a month.

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