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Our goal is to help single mamas to have it all and create a Successful Single Mama Lifestyle. But… what does that mean? It’s for mamas who believe they can have it all. Mamas who know they shouldn’t have to choose between family and finances – and are ready to do something about it!

We are helping thousands of single mamas just like you with advice on business, finances, parenting, dating, relationships, home life, and support to know that you aren’t in this alone.

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Single Mom Support Group

Are you part of the Successful Single Mama? This group is for single mamas not afraid to be bold, not afraid to take action, and not afraid to turn your passions into a successful online business while still being able to enjoy time with your kids. They want more in life and are just not sure where to start.

About the Founder of Successfulsinglemama.com

Teresa Miller

Teresa Miller - founder of successfulsinglemama.com

Successfulsinglemama.com founder Teresa Miller is a business development coach for single moms, and co-creator of Successful Single Mama: Basic 2 Boss Jumpstart. Teresa created Successful Single Mama to show single moms that they can have it all–a successful career, a loving home life, and financial stability. After speaking to thousands of women, Teresa learned that most single mothers want to change but don’t know where to start. Teresa created this website as a safe place for single moms to find information and support as they work towards their goals.

About the Contributors of Successfulsinglemama.com

Quinn Cummings

Quinn Cummings is the creator and host of the Parenting & Bonding with Children’s Books show. She interviews children’s book authors to introduce more families to more books. Her company Aidyn’s Books LLC empowers parents to read aloud to their children. Her 8-year-old son Aidyn is the real star.  They’ve been featured by HarperKids, Kids’ Book Buzz, Bookshop.org, and Abrams Kids. Quinn leads multiple parenting communities and is a featured expert for The Life of a Single Mom 501(c)3. Additionally, Quinn has accumulated over 10 years of marketing experience. As a certified email marketing expert, she helps authors impact more homes. She’s featured in MailerLite, Authority Magazine, and invited to join Entrepreneur.com as an industry expert. Her mission is to increase readership in homes across the globe.

For resources and tips on how to amp up storytime in your home, visit their website at https://aidynsbooks.com

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